Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Steel Politicians

The weeks are going by faster than ever before and finals are coming up. This week we had the oppurtunity to listen to a guest speaker that is on the European Union Commission. Before taking these classes and listening to him speak I knew very little of what was actually going on in Europe. The European Union was created to bring the nations together and to lay a foundation of integration. It is a very complicated process to join the European Union and a lot of countries hold back because there is some loss of culture and ways of life. Listening to this speaker helped broaden my understanding of the European Union and their goals. Today we took a tour of the ThysenKrupp Steel factory and got to see the process of making the steel. They are one of the biggest producers of steel especialls in Europe. We have a long weekend ahead of us then we have finals next week. The class schedule and setup has been very different than what I am use to back home but I think I may like it a little better. The class days are very long but the way it is taught is very straight forward and structured. I have to do some packing so I will be back here after my expedition around the country this weekend. Cheers

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